Classified Storage for the Marvel Champions LCG

The Marvel Champions Living Card Game is still going strong. In the past few weeks, Black Widow is finally out in the United States. For anyone who’s all caught up on content and choosing to sleeve their collection, space is at a premium in the core box, with the stock insert. I only chose to sleeve the encounter cards and my currently assembled decks, and I’m still just about out of space. I think it’s about time to put together something a little more thematic.

Klawing Through Some Statistics for the Marvel Champions LCG

For the month of May, a bunch of content creators for the Marvel Champions LCG community focused on my personal favorite scenario from the core set. Klaw Your Way Through May offered a comic book style cross over event and I struggled with something fitting to add to it. After a bunch of ideas landing in the trash can, I decided to try my hand at pulling out some data from Superhuman Registration Act for Klaw.