An LCG Card Holder You Can 3D Print

LCG Card Holder for Marvel Champions

I recently spruced up my tokens for Marvel Champions, and I’ve been getting a bit deeper into the Arkham Horror LCG. After that upgrade, I started thinking about what I could do to up my encounters curb appeal a bit. This is where dice come in. I got to working on a dice holder to track values associated with the cards. For Marvel, this is the villain and scheme cards. For Arkham, I’m thinking I could treat the act and agenda cards the same way. I also thought, why not prop up the cards and double as an LCG card holder?


I prefer d10s for tracking values like this. If the value can go above 20, I usually opt for two or three d10s instead of a d20. I like to keep my options open. I started just throwing a d10 on a sheet of paper and roughly tracing its total footprint. Basically, I wanted to get an idea of what sort of recess would hold a d10.

I took this weird diamond shape, measured it, and made a 3d model in Fusion 360. My goal was to follow an iterative design process. Basically design the smallest proof of concept I could, print, and repeat until I was happy.

Prototypes of the LCG Card Holder


After five iterations, I was close enough to move on to a final model. And here’s where my plans went south. I modeled a little block with spots to hold three evenly spaced d10s. And then I added a slot to hold a card. After printing it, I realized a few things.

  • My dice well was way too shallow. Any sort of bump and the dice either fell out, or shifted a position.
  • My card slot was way, way too wide. The channel left the card leaning way too far back.

So, back to iterating I went. A few trials later, I had dialed in the card slots to the same degree as the dice wells. I also added a few more channels for cards. Villains like Rhino get attachments, so more slots would be a welcome addition and a sort of future-proofing.

Almost There

As I neared on the finish line, I found my last issue. adding cards to the design made the whole thing a bit top-heavy. I wanted a minimal footprint, but to account for the extra weight I had to make one final change. I extended the holder just a small bit further to give it balance.

LCG Card Holder for Arkham Horror

If you’re interested in the supplies I used, scroll to the bottom for some links. Here’s some more action shots. The model for this LCG card holder is available here if you want to print your own.

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