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Klawing Through Some Statistics for the Marvel Champions LCG

For May, a bunch of content creators for the Marvel Champions LCG community focused on my favorite scenario from the core set. Klaw Your Way Through May offered a comic book style cross-over event and I struggled with something fitting to add to it. After a bunch of ideas landing in the trash can, I decided to try my hand at pulling out some data from Superhuman Registration Act for Klaw.

I launched Superhuman Registration Act towards the end of April, so May is the first full month of statistics that have been gathered from a bunch of people in the Marvel Champions online communities. I’m also going to be upfront: I am not a statistics whiz, and this data set is not very large, but it is the data I’ve got to work with.


In May, the site captured 119 games with Klaw as the scenario, which is honestly more than I expected to see. Not surprisingly, the most popular modular encounter set was Masters of Evil, making up about 45% of the games logged. Looking to dig a little bit deeper, I took a look at some win rates for the various encounter sets and found some more surprises. The Doomsday Chair, while not seeing a ton of play with Klaw, was one of the easiest modular encounter sets, tied with Bomb Scare. I’m sure this is in part due to how infrequently it was played. I suppose not as many people want to pair one of the harder sets with one of the hardest villains. Seeing scorpion as one of the hardest modular sets wasn’t much of a surprise. His stun effects can derail a game pretty quickly if they pop up at a bad time.


Taking a look at the modular encounters is great, but what about our fearless heroes? Here’s where I really enjoyed playing with some numbers. By the numbers, the recently leaked Hulk had the worst time with Klaw. Granted, there was only a single losing game logged, so that’s not very meaningful. As for the rest of the character pool, Ms. Marvel had the worst month here, with a win rate of around 13%. Ouch! The only wins logged for her were from Aggression decks. I personally find her hard to play, but I didn’t expect any hero to have a win rate that low.

I’ve been playing a bunch of Black Widow and Doctor Strange, thanks to their release in the UK and Australia, which I was lucky enough to be able to import. Both are excellent heroes, and Strange is probably the strongest character in the game currently. But, neither hero is globally available, as of yet. I think the delayed releases contributed to Peter Parker claiming the top spot against Klaw. He had the most wins when paired with Justice. Given his signature card set lacking a bit in thwart, this pairing is a great way to shore up some gaps.

Aspect wise, Justice was most likely to bring about a victory for the players, with a 53% win rate. Following in close second was Leadership with 52%. Allies are very strong, but the gameplay gets monotonous at times, which I think is why Leadership saw the least play of all four aspects with 21 games. Aggression, by contrast, had three times as many games at 63. Protection struggled the most against Klaw, with only a 36% win rate. I think stun-lock Captain America has a thing to say about this.

Up until now, I’ve kept the focus of the site on combining board games and making. In a sense, I didn’t really make a physical object for this post. And I’m okay with that. After all, I made the site used to capture the data. But that wasn’t quite enough, so I also went ahead and made a thematic statistics sheet to show off the data I talked about above. If you want to download it in PDF form, here you go.


These stats are a great start. I’d love for more people to contribute their gameplay data so we can get more accurate numbers for any future write-ups we do. If you’re interested, head over to Superhuman Registration Act and play some games. The more data, the better the numbers.

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