Creating a Wrecking Crew Token for the Active Villain

I was talking with some folks on the Marvel Champions discord a little while back, and a few people expressed interest in a Wrecking Crew active villain token to accompany the scenario pack. In this scenario, players square off against four separate villains, and this token will help denote which one is active at any given time. So, let’s make it happen.

Designing the Wrecking Crew Active Villain Token

Wrecking Crew active villain token model

First, it’s time to design the token in Fusion 360. In this previous post, I showed a bit of this process. I used one of my favorite resources, to find a starting point for this Wrecking Crew token. The chain wasn’t working at the desired scale. It looked much better after swapping for a simple cable. Since my goal is a finished surface, I added some pegs and alignment holes so I could separate the design from the coin. These will let me print them as separate pieces and join them after I’ve finished the surfaces. Once the design was complete, the printer got to cranking out two of these beauties.

Prep Work

Raw surface on 3D printed Wrecking Crew active villain token
After sanding you can see the smooth texture on the left compared to the raw surface on the right

You can see in the photos, the finish leaves a bit to be desired. This is where the cleanup process starts. Starting with sandpaper disks, I work up from 120 grit to 240 grit. At this point, only the disk needs sanding. We don’t want to polish at this stage because the paint needs some texture to grab in our next step. After sanding, I masked off the outer edge to keep the paint off. This will make the outer edge consistent after we attach all the pieces.


Painted disk for Wrecking Crew active villain token
This delightful color is called Plum

Now that all the prep work is done, I start by masking off the outer surface. I spray on a black primer coat. Then a nice glossy purple gets sprayed to finish this step. If you’re not happy with the surface, a light sanding and another coat will help.

Finishing Up the Wrecking Crew Active Villain Token

Finished Wrecking Crew active villain token
After polishing with the Zona papers, the plastic shines and feels just like a manufactured piece.

Once the paint is dry, super glue the face pieces into place, using the alignment pins. I then repeat the sanding process I used on the disk, following up with Zona papers to polish the finish up to a gorgeous shine. Just like with sanding, a splash of water will help. These polishing papers go all the way to 1 micron and are well worth it. Repeat this process along the outer rim if you want.

That’s everything! If you’re interested in making your own, the model is available on Thingiverse here. A list of supplies I used can be found below. If you make your own, tag me on Instagram so I can see your version.

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