Quick 3D printed custom board game tokens

When I’m playing my favorite games, nothing is more satisfying than handling quality components. Not every game comes with the best pieces, but nothing is stopping you from upping the ante. This article will show you how to design some quick 3D printable tokens to take your game night to the next level.

First things first, we need our design. You can create your own, or you can borrow a free design from game-icons.net. This site is full of some awesome designs that are completely free. I want to make some damage tokens for Bargain Quest, so I chose this one.


In Fusion 360, all I need to do is make a circle of the chosen width. Then you can insert the SVG you downloaded straight from the menu.

insert svg.png

From there, you can adjust the size and location to your liking. I removed some of the excess lines to go with a simpler token.


Then it just needs to be extruded to give us our final model. These could be much more complex if desired. Try adding a rim around the edge, or round the edges until you have a token that pays homage to the game you’re designing it for.


And then to the printer. I’ll be using my Creality Ender 3. The tokens below are printed in HATCHBOX Yellow PLA at 10% infill. Each of the coins uses about 1g of filament, and takes about ten minutes. These tokens are amazing for the effort. I took this token from my mind to my hand in under 20 minutes. And here’s the final product


You can get the STL on Thingiverse here.

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