Reusable Campaign Logs in Under Five Minutes

Marvel Champions and Arkham Horror feature campaign play, complete with a log sheet you can use to track your progress. I was tired of making copies, so I came up with a quick way to make reusable campaign logs.

Print and Trim

Printed and trimmed campaign log

Download and print out copies of the campaign logs from Fantasy Flight Games’ website (Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror). Print at 100% scale, which should be less than a letter-size piece of paper. Trim off the excess paper. I like to use a paper cutter for those crisp clean lines, but scissors work just as well.

Laminate it

Laminate the campaign log.

Take your freshly trimmed campaign log and pop it in a laminating pouch. Plug your laminator in and let it warm up. If we’re being honest, I did this part before cutting, but it only takes a minute. Once it indicates that it’s up to temp, run the loaded pouch through. Again, trim off the extra, but leave a little bit at the edges to keep it sealed.

Finished Reusable Campaign Logs

Finished reusable campaign logs

And that’s it! It really was a quick project. If you don’t have a laminator, I highly recommend picking one up. It’s a great craft tool to have on hand. As for writing on these logs, you can use dry-erase markers or splurge on wet-erase markers. The difference is that you need a little bit of water to erase wet-erase markers. If you’re letting it sit for a little bit, some permanence might help to keep your writing from just smudging off when they’re stored. If you’re looking for some storage tips, check out my custom solution.

Bonus Tips

Okay, okay, I said that was it, but there are a few more things you can do to get some more mileage out of this project. First, the paper is flimsy. Even after laminating, it’ll be a bit droopy. We can fix this by printing our campaign logs on card stock instead of just regular printer paper. I asked a local UPS Store to do this for me, but there are lots of options.

Another idea is to double-side your campaign logs. For Marvel, once we have Galaxy’s Most Wanted, we can put Rise of Red Skull and it back to back. One sheet, two campaigns. Or if you’ve got multiple groups, you might want a double-sided Rise of Red Skull reusable campaign log. Arkham routinely has logs which are two sheets, so doing them back to back is ideal.

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