Custom 3D printed insert for Hand of the King

Hand of the King is a quick and fun set collection game with a Game of Thrones theme for 2 to 4 players. It plays fast, in under half an hour. My one complaint about the game is the lack of organization you get out of the box. So, I whipped up a design to bring some order to the chaos.


The design is one solid chunk of plastic that fits perfectly into the stock box. All of the components (36 square character cards, 14 companion cards, 7 house banner tokens, 4 three-eyed crow tokens, and the rule book) fit snugly inside. The finger slot extends past the components so you can easily grab all the pieces from each spot.

The final print comes in at about 82 grams. This was printed with HATCHBOX Yellow PLA on a Creality Ender 3 at 10% infill. You can find the file on Thiniverse.

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