Lola Hayes Roles with the Roll of a Die

2020 was a big solo gaming year for me, what with the pandemic and whatnot. About halfway through, I started digging deeper into the Arkham Horror LCG and recently was able to finally pick up the start of the Carcosa cycle. In anticipation for some shenanigans with Lola Hayes roles, I bring you today’s project, a custom die to track her current role selection.

Engraving the Die

I followed the same basic process as I did for my token trays. I created a basic drawing of the die as a 16mm square. After adding each of the class icons, I scaled them to that size, in a unique color. I use my Glowforge for laser engraving, so each unique image needs a different color for their software to discern it. You can download my design here.

Then it’s just a matter of cutting the square to create a cradle for the die, positioning the die, and engraving each side in order. For specific settings, I used a speed of 335, a power of 60, 225 lines per inch, and a focus height of 0.5 inches. Each side takes about a minute to engrave.

Add a Little Paint

For painting, I again defer to a previous post about painting acrylic tokens. It’s as easy as slathering on the paint, letting it dry for a few seconds, and wiping off the excess. A few coats later and the die is ready to go. I went with black on all sides, but I think it would look pretty great with class colors as well. Next time I’m at the art store I might pick up some more paint and give that a try.

Lola Hayes, Ready to Fill Any Role

Painted Lola Hayes Role die

While I haven’t gotten her to the table yet, I’m excited to see what she can offer. I’ve got a bunch of extra blank dice now, so hopefully I can come up with inspiration for more projects.

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